When they asked me to shoot their wedding, I got goosebumps. When they told that they believe in me as their photographer, I got more goosebumps.

I realised shooting a wedding is not an easy job, although I don’t want to call it a job. Its still a big responsibility for me as a storyteller. One of the task is to be focus all the time. But the good thing is their wedding is so unique, minimalistic, simple and super gorgeous! Its easy to enjoy every little moment on their wedding. It also easy for me to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ with my camera and the best part is to be able to create a great story. A story that reflect the day and faking the real and honest moment.

Sara & Tristan is one of the most authentic couple I’ve ever seen. And also a very calm person, one of the most respected couple I’ve ever seen. Once again, I am glad that in a million of photographers out there, they chose me to shoot their beautiful and simple wedding in Melbourne.

PS: for Sara & Tristan, once again thank you for having and trusting me on your wedding day. It was a purely awesome experience for me. I hope you guys will always love each other forever, non-stop 😀

Location in Melbourne, Australia. Photographed by me, Aria Aryana.




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June 11, 2017
Wonderful work Aria, as always! :)