When Lucia was inquiring me about my rates, I instantly got connected with her and really want to know more about her and her fiancee. She told me that she met her fiancee, Ryan, at the gym, just a month after her mom passed away. Ryan came up to her and told her that she is very beautiful. They went for a date on the same day they meet each other. I think its a very interesting story of them.

On the second date, Ryan asked her to go to Bali for a holiday together. A month after that, they went to Bali and spending time together for about two months in a beautiful island and getting to know each other more and more. Ryan told her that she reminds him about his mother who also passed away two years ago. Ryan lives with his only sister because he lost his father when he was a kid and lost his mother at the same year that Lucia lost her mother. They felt pretty much in common and felt in love straight away. A year later Ryan proposed her at the same place the met, at the gym. And then without thinking, she straight away said ‘I do’.

I got goose-bumped with the story they’ve been told and then a year later, I am honoured that I can be part of their wedding day. As a Melbourne wedding photographer and a Bali wedding photographer, its a challenge to create their stories with my own vision. I only have a half-day to shoot and to prove them that I am a great storyteller. Telling stories through pictures that they can keep forever.

Organised and location by Neighbourhood Wine. Photography by me, Aria Aryana.

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