What is a destination wedding? I’ve always thinking about this question and I think it’s a unique way to celebrate your most important day in a different country. And Bali I think, is one of the ultimate choice to do a wedding. As a Bali wedding photographer, it’s an honour that I can shoot a destination wedding in my own country. And it feels much better that I can shoot a wedding with a great couple like Jasmin and David.

I asked them, why did you choose Bali as your destination wedding? They said that they love Bali so much. Pretty much everything in Bali always makes them happy. They come from United States of America. But they lived for a quite a bit in Australia and other countries. I would say that they are a true traveller. And I can say they love Bali so much, that they chose Bali over other countries and willing to travel so far away from USA. And bringing their own families and friends to Bali too. But from my perspective, it is worth every penny. Nothing can beat the culture and the warm people in Bali. You can fully get the ultimate experience in here.

Yeah, they met when they go to uni together at Melbourne University Australia. I think, a great destination wedding is not just choosing the best looking country but choose something that has something more that can make your memories on your wedding day more memorable. They choose Bali because it brings back the great memories that they have and the also get the nostalgic feeling too. Because when they had a free time or summer break when they are still at uni, they always go to Bali. Bali is their number one choice.

Before I forgot to mention, they asked me to shoot their wedding with film. Yes, with a great medium format film camera like Contax 645, a Leica MP and Nikon F5. Nothing can beat a real film look. It feels and looks timeless!

Venue and organised by Bali Purnati in Ubud, Bali. Developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab and Artisan Film Lab. Photographed by Aria Aryana. Assisted by Angga Kurnia.

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