‘Intimate session’ is I think the best words to describe this couple. They were purely fall in love every second they see or hold each other. Connection between two heart that is really touching my heart deeply as a photographer and a friend. I can feel their love, its so strong that I couldn’t believe it was actually exist.

Grace and Al are living in Jakarta, Indonesia. They met each other in the office as they are working together in the same company in Jakarta. One day, Al was asking Grace to go out to get lunch together. And few years later after that, they are getting married soon this year! What a great story it is. Well, it was a destiny that every other human have, we just have to embrace all other people or every little things surround us.

They went out to Melbourne, Australia just to get the vibe that they really want. A city that has a unique feel and look. The people are so nice, as Grace and Al are so nice people too. And they love coffee very much, as you know, coffee in Melbourne is one of the best coffee in the world. But for sure, this session was a great session too, we had a great laughing all the time so that our jaw was hurt all the time 😀


Location in Melbourne, Australia. Photographed by me, Aria Aryana. MUA by Marlene Neysa.

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May 24, 2017
Always love your work, Aria.