As a Melbourne and Bali wedding photographer, I always have to be professional. I just got back to Melbourne a day before this wedding. On the actual wedding day, it was 36 until 42 degrees celsius, it was hot! The amount of flies are beyond our imagination, too much flies that always distracting as a photographer. If I say I was exhausting, I wasn’t. Because I love this couple so much. Danieka and Nic are a great couple, they are young and maybe I will say they are the truly perfect example of loyalty in a relationship. They are together for more than 12 years. They have been through a lot of things together. Danieka said that Nic is her first love, so does Nic. They have been together since they were 14 years old. And they were married on their 26 year of age. Its an honour that they trusted me to shoot their wedding!

When I met them for a pre-consultation a half year before the actual wedding at their house, I amazed by how generous and humble they are. They offered me drinks and foods, just feels like home. Let me introduce my self first, I am actually come from Bali. The city which is I always miss for every single day. I live in Melbourne since 2011 to study. I did my degrees at RMIT University for 3 years plus 2 years. I’ve got my degrees in Fine Art department on 2014 and 2016. In between the study, I was working in a Japanese and Indonesian restaurant for a few years. Until one day in 2015, one of my friend called me and was asking me to shoot his cousin’s wedding on November 2015. I was very happy and accepted his offer straight away.

A few days before my first wedding in Australia, I came up with the name Lightshell Co. I love how it sounds. I also love the fact that it comes from two words that is very important for me personally, ‘Light’ and ‘Shell’. Light means a truly happiness. Shell means a place that is really tough and safe. So, Lightshell means a place that can keep the happiness forever. If something happens in the future, let say, we are in a big fight with our husband or wife, we just open the wedding album or the photos that I took. It will disappear the bad feeling or anger. It will take you to the moment when you feel happy. Anyway, back to this lovely couple. Danieka and Nic were one of my early couple who booked me a year before their wedding. I was happy that their wedding is in new years eve. Not just a new experience for me, but to shoot a wedding from a humble couple like them is such a great honour for me.

Venue and organised by Va Tutto. Photography by Aria Aryana. And assisted by Bayu Suharso.


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