As a fine-art or film wedding photographer based in Melbourne and Bali, I am super glad that I can shoot a portrait of my own family. I realised that my family is the most important people in my life. As we haven’t got any pictures to hang on our wall, I spared my time at the weekend to spent more time with my family, basically a week off with my client.

I decided to use a film camera because this moment is very special moment in my life, to captured the wonderful women in my life. I believe that film has the ability to create more timeless look on the photos than any of digital camera out there. Film camera has a magic look and feel that is very difficult to describe. The feel is super strong that is always stuck either in your head or in your soul.

Shooting with film is more about engaging to the subject more because we don’t have to chimp or look at our LCD screen at the back of our camera. It allows us to connect more with our subject. Its also allows us to captured the moment honestly.

Developed and scanned by Artisan Labs. Photography by Aria Aryana. Location in Sanur Beach, Bali.

Using Contax 645 and Fujifilm Pro 400H 120 Film.

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