Hello there!

We, Lightshell Co, are a fine art film wedding photographer based in Bali and Melbourne. A team of young, creative and big dreamer. We dream big, and our biggest dream is to be able to help every couple in this world to get the best photos possible on their most important day ever, the wedding day. We also a ‘soul’ hunter, we are not only capturing the best moment but we capture the ‘soul’ as honest as we can. Our main goal is to telling stories through pictures but without capturing the ‘soul‘, it is like cooking without salt and pepper.

Photos are very important in our life. An honest and raw emotion photo can bring back our memories. We realised that and we came up with the name of Lightshell Co in 2015. It is a ‘light’ in a ‘shell’ that always be protected. Whenever you feel sad, just open that ‘shell’ and you will see that ‘light’ again. Something that is timeless. We are a team that always do the best to create a timeless photo. Because you deserves the best.

We would love to know you better. Just say ‘hi’ to us. And let’s begin your love journey with us!

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